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  • 10 BRAND NEW PowerPoint templates: we've done research to find the winning templates on the JVZoo and Envato Markets!
  • Slide Master ready: you can easily add new designed slides!
  • WFM format: change the colors in the PowerPoint panel easily without opening any design apps!
  • min. 10 slides on each template
  • [free] Audios included
  • Developer License at no cost
  • 10 intro video templates: grab your audience's attention in less than 8 seconds using these templates!
  • 5 outro video templates: boost your brand and make it go viral easily with outro videos!
  • 50 background animation videos: beautify your explainer video without hard work using this pack!
  • 100 flash transition backgrounds!
  • HD Tutorial Video: how to change text, shape colors, animation, music background, graphic without changing current animation, and how to export your template to HD Video


World top marketers, like you, successfully grab their audiences attention
in less than one minute using explainer videos.

don't worry; creating a unique and pro-looking explainer video is easy! You only need three steps:

We have made some templates based on popular niches in the Envato Market. All you need to do is pick the suitable niche for you. If you need additional themes, you can download them on the upgrade page.

You then need to make a few edits to fit your needs. You can change the colors directly at the PowerPoint panel. No additional design apps like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW are needed. All you have to do is click click click and done!

Last, export PowerPoint to video format. We have placed the tutorial to help you in the download area. At this step, you can add an opener video to make your video more creative.

Agus Sakti and Maftuch J Mhirda here

A video production company in Dallas explains that if you want to be successful in the marketing world, you need to grab your prospects attention in less than 1 minute.

If you have an interesting website but cant grab your prospects attention in less than 8 seconds, you will lose them.

How do you do this? Companies that have inspired the worlds top marketers, explain that you need to make an explainer video. What is an explainer video?

An explainer video grabs the viewers attention with one to two minutes of content explaining a product, business or idea. It answers basic questions, rather than requiring your audience to read text content on your website.

Explainer videos should be engaging and fun, with an informative, clear message that can quickly be consumed by the audience. The problem is, if you want to make an explainer video without using Video Pop, it can definitely be hard to make.

Option #1: Make Your Own Explainer Video

Alright, maybe you can do it using some design apps. But, do you realize that the world marketers always have a team to make the process more efficient? Do you want to waste your time using design apps that make creating your explainer video hard to do?

Option #2: Search for Free Templates on The Internet

Some marketplaces are giving free trials to use templates that they sell. But, believe me, they are not stupid. You will absolutely get the worst basic template. Then you search again and again. Argh! This is a waste of time!

Option #3: Hire a Design Artist

You can hire a designer but you have to spend hundreds of dollars for one explainer video. This would not be a problem if you have a lot of money. But, it is better for you to invest in a product that helps you create other explainer videos, right?

Option #4: Buy an Explainer Video at a Digital Marketplace

Maybe you won't believe it, but one explainer video template at could be valued at up to $ 67.00. My question is how many dollars will you have spent if you want to have 10 templates? Correct, you need $670.00! It is very expensive!

Option #5: BUY VIDEO POP!

By purchasing the Video Pop bundle you will save hundreds of dollars. You do not need to create your own explainer video from scratch. You do not need to exhaust yourself searching for free templates on the internet. Now you can fire your designer, because Video Pop is providing you with huge assets.

Introducing: Video Pop

175 Assets that are ready for you to use to create your own pro-looking and “stand out from the crowd” explainer videos in minutes!

Don't waste your valuable time using challenging tools to make explainer videos when there is an easier way.

Remember, all you need is Video Pop's easy three steps to make pro-looking, creative, high converting and engaging videos and it only takes minutes.

Why spend a lot of money on a bunch of other tools if you can save lots of dollars with Video Pop?

How Can You Easily Maximize by Using Video Pop?

Do you still remember why explainer videos need to grab an audience's attention in less than 1 minute?
This is the inspiration that you can create if you have Video Pop!

  • Explainer Video
  • Intro Video
  • Outro Video
  • Profile Video
  • Affiliate Video
  • Video Sales Letter
  • Travel Agent Promo Video
  • Restaurant Promo Video
  • Website Slide Video
  • Lead Generation Video
  • Viral Promo Video
  • Testimonial Video
  • Beauty SPA promo video
  • Animal Doctor Video
  • And MANY More...

There are 10 Brand New Explainer Videos
That We Provide Based on Research

  • Explainer #1


  • Animal Doctor

  • Explainer #3

    Auto Service

  • Beauty SPA

  • Explainer #5


  • Explainer #6


  • Explainer #7


  • Explainer #8

    Fat Burner

  • Explainer #9


  • Explainer #10


10 Intro Video Templates:
Grab Your Audience's Attention
in Less than 1 Minute Using These Templates!

Intro Video #1

Intro Video #2

Intro Video #3

Intro Video #4

Intro Video #5

Intro Video #6

Intro Video #7

Intro Video #8

Intro Video #9

Intro Video #10

5 Outro Video Templates: Boost Your Brand
and Make it Go Viral Easily With Outro Videos!

Outro Video #1

Outro Video #2

Outro Video #3

Outro Video #4

Outro Video #5

BONUS #1: 50 Background Animation Videos:
Beautify Your Explainer Video
Without Hard Work Using This Pack

BONUS #2: 100 Flash Transition Backgrounds


Our promise: Purchase today 100% risk-free because Video Pop comes with a Full 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Okay, you don't need spent hundreds of dollars, moreover thousands dollars. All bundle above are included in video pop with the cheapest prize to help your work.

So, whoever you are, youtubers, blogger, affiliate marketer, consultan, offline trainer, etc - if you want to grab your audience attention less than 8 seconds, video pop is the right choice!

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  • 10 Explainer Videos (@ $67.00): $670.00
  • 10 Intro Video Templates (@ $30.00): $300.00
  • 5 Outro Video Templates (@ $15.00): $150.00
  • 50 Animated Backgrounds (@ $17.00): $850.00
  • 100 Flash Transition Background (@ $5.00) $50.000

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Video Pop - This is How to Create PRO-Looking Explainer Video Easily withour Any Video Creator Apps

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Video POP

Video POP is huge collection of explainer video template using nothing but powerpoint.

Ini this bundle you'll find more huge video assets: 10 intro video, 5 outro video, 50 background annimate, 100 flash transition background.


How do I edit it?

You need to use powerpoint to edit the templates. You can't edit video pop in keynote, and powerpoint for mac.

If you want to work best with video pop, you need at least powerpoint 2013. Powerpoint 2010 and 2007 still works, but some effect, transitino, motion, and layout will not working perfectly.


What is my license?

You'll get video pop with this license:
[YES] Developer license
[NO] Re-SELL in any way
P.S: PLR license are avalaible on upsell offer


Refund Policy

No questions asked!


Is there any One-Time-Offers or Upsell?

Yes, it does. We provided Video POP Platinum upgrade bundle completely with PLR license for entire of product..


How I download it?

We'll send you your detail purchase, and You'll be directed to the download area.